VW reveals another branch of the I.D. family tree

By blogsadmin | Posted in Volkswagen I.D. on Tuesday, February 20th, 2018 at 9:27 PM
First concept image of the Volkswagen ID VIZZION

First look at the Volkswagen I.D. VIZZION concept

Love it or hate it, it’s clear that future of the automotive world is fully electric, and you might not find yourself behind the wheel. There’s always been a certain freedom in driving, but it’s also one of the most dangerous activities we do every day. Autonomous driving could not only reduce collisions, but also bring back mobility to those who cannot drive. Just think of it as gaining a robotic chauffeur. That’s exactly how Volkswagen is thinking about it in its new concept car, the Volkswagen I.D. VIZZION concept. Here’s a first look at the teaser images VW is offering ahead of the Geneva International Motor Show. Read the rest of this entry »

Is the 2019 Volkswagen Arteon coming to the U.S.?

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2019 Volkswagen Arteon reveal at the 2018 Chicago Auto Show

2019 Volkswagen Arteon U.S. Debut at 2018 Chicago Auto Show

We’ve known about the Volkswagen Arteon for quite some time, but unfortunately it was only released in Europe. With the VW CC leaving the market, there is an obvious gap in the lineup above the Passat. With the U.S. debut of the 2019 Volkswagen Arteon at the 2018 Chicago Auto Show, we’re happy to say the model is officially coming in fall of 2018. Here are the top highlights. Read the rest of this entry »

What could you do with $4,000 in savings?

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Stokes VW banner for $4,000 off and three years of free oil changes

Volkswagen new car specials and free oil changes North Charleston SC

February is the month of love, they say, and we think we have a Valentine you could really fall for. Here at Stokes Volkswagen, we’re happy to announce that all new Volkswagen models are offered with $4,000 slashed off the MSRP. That’s right. Finally, a Valentine you’ll be saving money on. In terms of new car specials, this is likely one of the better options for the season. Especially when you consider an offer of free oil changes. Read the rest of this entry »

What’s included in the new 2018 VW Passat GT?

By blogsadmin | Posted in Volkswagen Passat on Wednesday, January 24th, 2018 at 6:26 PM
White 2018 Volkswagen Passat GT.

2018 Volkswagen Passat GT Features

When Volkswagen first announced the 2018 Volkswagen Passat, we were aware that a GT trim was coming and that it would be the only other option to feature the V6 engine. Now the grade is finally revealed in greater details. Are you wondering which features were included and what, exactly, it would look like? Here’s what we know so far. Read the rest of this entry »

The VW Jetta is getting a new look and fresh features

By blogsadmin | Posted in Volkswagen Jetta on Tuesday, January 16th, 2018 at 6:49 PM
Blue 2019 Volkswagen Jetta driving down highway

2019 Volkswagen Jetta redesign NAIAS 2018

For the 2015 model year, Volkswagen gave the Golf a complete redesign. 2016 brought a facelift to the Passat, while last year we saw the first Volkswagen Golf Alltrack. What about 2018? Both the all-new Tiguan and the VW Atlas were added to the lineup. But it’s the Jetta that remains one of the top sellers for the U.S., and the model hasn’t had a new generation introduced since 2010. We think you’ll agree, it’s about time. At the North American International Auto Show, or NAIAS, the 2019 Volkswagen Jetta redesign was just announced. Here are the highlights. Read the rest of this entry »

Why cars have outside temperature warnings

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Volkswagen gauge cluster warning lights with text asking why VW beeps at 39 degrees

Does Volkswagen have an ice warning?

You start up your Volkswagen when you hear a ding and a number flashes in your gauge cluster, “39.” What does that mean? Volkswagen, like many modern automakers, offers an outside temperature warning. Here in South Carolina, you might rarely see the temperature flash. So, why does it? It’s an ice warning, and flashes at 39 degrees or below. Read the rest of this entry »

South Carolina is experiencing wintry weather – How do you drive in it?

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Snowy road with warning triangle

How to drive on black ice and what to do if you skid

Normally our winters here in North Charleston, SC are fairly mild, with highs normal nearing the 60 degree range. So what’s going on this year? As we write this, it’s a mere 33 degrees outside, with a high of 40. Tomorrow is even colder, and Saturday colder still. Though peak temperatures are above freezing, this week’s lows are enough to cause black ice. Since most of us typically don’t come across such slippery weather conditions, we aren’t all aware of how to drive on black ice or what to do if your car skids. Here’s what to expect if the roads freeze over. Read the rest of this entry »

What are the benefits of all-wheel drive?

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4Motion AWD and V6 badging on the 2018 VW Atlas

Which 2018 VW models have 4Motion AWD?

When we think of all-wheel drive, we typically consider driving in snowy conditions. Which is an issue that isn’t problematic here in the North Charleston, SC area. For this reason, you might be wondering if there are any benefits to AWD, and if you already know what they are, you might want to know which 2018 VW models have the 4Motion AWD system. Here’s everything you need to know for the VW lineup. Read the rest of this entry »

VW reveals design sketches for the 2019 VW Jetta

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2019 Volkswagen Jetta Front End Design Sketch

What to expect for the 2019 VW Jetta?

When a model goes years without a redesign, even if there are frequent refreshes, we all start to feel restless. Is the next big thing coming? We’ve been asking this of the VW Jetta since its last redesign in 2010, and it looks like we can finally expect a seventh generation for the model to start for the 2019 model year. With so many refreshes, it’s not easy to say what sort of new features we can expect, but below are the initial design sketches. What do you think? Read the rest of this entry »

Are there any changes to the VW Golf Alltrack?

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Blue-2018 Volkswagen Golf Alltrack

New Features for the 2018 Volkswagen Golf Alltrack

One reason we truly love working with VW is the fact that things are changing every year. This might sound obvious to some, but you may be surprised by how often new vehicles come out with virtually no updates. The 2018 Volkswagen Golf Alltrack was only just released last year, so it stands to reason that there wouldn’t be any major new features. Well, there are a few changes, and some of them are worth noting. Read the rest of this entry »