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Benefits of having App-Connect in your VW

Monday, October 16th, 2017
Text over VW dashboard asking which apps work with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay

Which apps work on Android Auto and Apple CarPlay?

When it comes to infotainment, nothing is quite as sought after these days as Android Auto and Apple CarPlay connectivity. Simply put, these interfaces allow your touchscreen system to operate much like the smartphone you’re already accustomed to. The benefits are obvious, as each automaker’s individual system can have a learning curve. Your smartphone? You’ve been learning it for years. Naturally, we don’t want you to be watching YouTube videos or updating your Facebook while on the road, so both smartphone systems are stripped down to only allow apps that make sense use while driving. So which apps do work on Android Auto and Apple CarPlay? (more…)

What is VW Car-Net?

Tuesday, February 14th, 2017
vw car-net touchscreen apple carplay

Today’s vehicle buyers want technology, safety and convenience in their new vehicles and many automakers including Volkswagen are working hard to ensure that customers have all the features they need to make connecting to their vehicle easier than ever before. That is exactly what VW Car-Net is, an easy way to connect you to your Volkswagen. The VW Car-Net mobile app on your iPhone or Android lets you stay connected to your VW anywhere and at any time. Take a look at all of the things it can do.   (more…)

Volkswagen Aims to Improve Driver Experience with High-Tech Assistance Features

Thursday, January 19th, 2017
available Volkswagen driver assistance features

Available Volkswagen Driver Assistance Features

In an effort to enhance the overall driving experience and improve on-road safety, Volkswagen offers 7 high-tech features designed to monitor your surroundings and respond accordingly. Here’s what you can expect in terms of VW driver assistance. (more…)

Volkswagen Shows Off e-Golf Touch Gesture Controls and Infotainment Innovations at CES 2016

Friday, January 8th, 2016
2016 volkswagen e-golf technology features

Volkswagen e-Golf Touch Release Date and Features

If you’ve been paying attention to CES 2016, you’ve no doubt heard about the Volkswagen e-Golf touch model, as well as the VW Budd-e microbus concept. This year, Volkswagen has turned up at CES with some exciting innovations, and for those dying for the opportunity to get behind the wheel, we have the information you’re looking for regarding the Volkswagen e-Golf Touch release date and features.


Drive Enhancing Features Come Included in the 2016 VW Jetta Driver Assistance Package

Tuesday, October 13th, 2015
2016 VW Jetta Driver Assistance Package Features

2016 VW Jetta Driver Assistance Package Features

A lot has changed with the Jetta for the 2016 model year, including an updated Driver Assistance Package that is available to you. Select models offer the optional package, which can give you more peace of mind and control throughout your driving experience. Let us take you through some of the details behind the 2016 VW Jetta Driver Assistance Package features.


Sync Your Smartphone to Android Auto and Enjoy Intuitive Connectivity in Your Volkswagen

Thursday, September 10th, 2015
How to Connect Your Phone to Android Auto in a Volkswagen how to pair your smartphopne to volkswagen android auto how to sync your phone to VW android auto mib ii infotainment system

How to Connect Your Phone to Android Auto in a Volkswagen

Android Auto is one of the latest vehicle infotainment systems to hit the market, offering intuitive functionality and seamless smartphone app integration. Before you get started enjoying all these features, you’ll want to know how to connect your phone to Android Auto in a Volkswagen using the MIB II infotainment system found in most 2016 model year VW models.


Bi-Xenon Headlights Offer Greater Visibility for Nighttime Driving

Monday, July 27th, 2015
Differences Between Halogen vs Bi-Xenon Headlights benefits of volkswagen bi-xenon headlights

Differences Between Halogen vs Bi-Xenon Headlights

If you’ve been researching VW models to find the perfect vehicle for you, you may have noticed that different types of headlights are available to you: halogen and bi-xenon. Of course, we don’t expect everyone to know what this means or what the benefits are of each one, so we are here to show you the differences between halogen vs bi-xenon headlights.


Enhance Your Music Listening Experience with the Dynaudio Premium Sound System

Thursday, June 25th, 2015
Features Included in the Dynaudio Premium Sound System what is the dynaudio premium sound system in volkswagen what volkswagen models have the dynaudio premium sound system

Features Included in the Dynaudio Premium Sound System

A premium sound system may not be something everyone wants to splurge on when buying a new vehicle, but for music lovers, it can make a big difference to the driving experience. When you choose Volkswagen, you can have either the Fender Premium Audio System or the Dynaudio Premium Sound System, depending on the model. While most of us are familiar with the Fender brand, the same maybe can’t be said for Dynaudio. Let’s cover the features included in the Dynaudio Premium Sound System so that you can see how the technology can transform your music-listening experience in a Volkswagen.