Reasons Why You Should Pay Attention to Your Car Battery’s Health

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How Often Should You Change the Battery In Your Volkswagen

How Often Should You Change the Battery In Your Volkswagen

The battery in your car is extremely important, and without it, you won’t be driving anywhere. Unfortunately, it’s easy to take them for granted and forget about them. That is, until they die on you or cause a problem at the most inconvenient times. So, how often should you be changing the battery in your Volkswagen to make sure you aren’t left stranded without a vehicle? Let’s talk about it.

One of the challenges when it comes to vehicle batteries is that there is no precise way to determine when a vehicle’s battery will die and need to be replaced. That said, a general rule you can follow is to replace your battery within about five years, though sooner may be necessary.

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generic car batteryWhat Causes a Car Battery to Die Sooner?

If you’re concerned about the longevity of your VW’s battery, you may have good reason to be. Although Volkswagen batteries are durable and engineered to meet the demanding requirements of your vehicle, all car batteries are subject to wear and tear, especially if they aren’t taken care of.

Heat, for example, can take a toll on your vehicle’s battery, and we know we certainly get a lot of it here in the Charleston SC area. Extreme heat can not only drain the battery faster and cause it to take longer to charge, but it can also evaporate the water levels in the battery, causing damage to your battery cells. Moreover, the heat of summer can cause the metal in the battery to expand, affecting the structural integrity and connections.

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