So, you've decided that the time has come for you to replace your car. At Stokes Volkswagen, you'll have numerous decisions to make when buying a new car, but the most important one comes down to the make and model you should choose for driving on the roads of Mount Pleasant, SC. You have heard several great things about the Volkswagen Tiguan, and below, we've provided some additional details to help make your final choice easier.

After some consideration, you settled on a used VW Tiguan. There are various reasons why your choice is a great one. First, the VW Tiguan is fun to drive with a character that few other cars possess near Summerville. The thoughtful VW Tiguan engineering is impressive to drivers who own one and in the minds of those who review and assess cars. The VW Tiguan doesn't require service as often as other models in its class and encounters fewer issues or extensive repairs.

Secondly, a used Tiguan is an excellent choice because of its distinctly European spirit and flare, a popular concept, as it has been in the past. A common sentiment expressed online by owners is that the VW Tiguan drives like a smaller car because it is easier and more enjoyable to use. VW Tiguan passengers have plenty of legroom in front and rear, and the step-in height is quite large.

Lastly, there are many technical reasons to buy a used Tiguan, including an electro-mechanical steering system, helping reduce the "kickback" drivers feel with other steering systems. Additional engine performance features include electronic stability controls, added towing stability, and a very desirable parking brake system that helps you get started on a hilly road in Charleston.

Start searching for a used VW Tiguan on our website and visit our Stokes Volkswagen dealership in North Charleston, SC, for a test drive today.

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