One of the biggest questions our finance department hears from our customers in and around North Charleston, SC, is whether it's best to buy or lease a vehicle. We always want to give our clients the best advice possible here at Stokes Volkswagen, but there is no correct answer to that question. Which type of financing is right for you will depend on several factors, such as your available budget, lifestyle, and goals. There are a number of advantages to both conventional financing and signing a lease. Here's an overview of what you should know.


If ownership is something you look forward to, it makes sense that financing a vehicle might be the most appropriate choice for you. There's pride in vehicle ownership. When you buy a car, you're free to modify it any way you choose, and you can drive it as many miles as you want with no yearly limits or penalties. Whether that's driving around Summerville for the kids' activities or taking an annual road trip across the country, there are no limits to worry about. In addition, it's a great feeling when you've made that final payment and can then use that money for other things.


Do you love driving a late-model car with the latest features? If so, leasing may be for you. A typical lease period is about three years. Then you simply return it for another new model. Other benefits to signing a lease are lower monthly payments, less money down, and fewer maintenance costs.

Do you have a better idea of which type of financing you need? If you're still unclear, you can always give our finance department a call or stop to see us at our North Charleston, SC location. We've built a reputation of providing residents in and around Mount Pleasant, SC, with flexible financing, reliable automobiles, and quality service. Come see us today.

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