Leasing vs. Buying: What's the Difference?


Here at Stokes Volkswagen, our goal is to help every driver find a vehicle that suits their needs and - most importantly - complements their wallet. That is why our team is here to answer your questions, to help you hone in on a specific Volkswagen model that suits your needs on the open road. Many of our drivers are stumped with a simple question, though: should they lease or buy the vehicle they like?


This is a question we often get at our dealership. After all, many drivers are looking for the most affordable option, and the best investment opportunity available. Both buying and leasing present benefits and downsides, ultimately making your decision contingent upon which benefits best represent your needs on the road.


Furthermore, our team can answer any questions you may have about the purchasing process, leasing, our vehicles, and everything in between. We pride ourselves on providing some of the best customer service around, and we work hard to ensure every driver who walks through our doors has a memorable dealership experience.


Buying: A Game of Loans


When you buy a car, most often you are not "buying" it, not in the sense that we usually mean at least. That's because the majority of drivers can't afford to pay $20,000 or $30,000 for a car out of pocket. This is where automotive loans come in: with an automotive loan, you are able to cover the initial cost of your vehicle and pay it back over the course of a number of months (anywhere from 12 to 70). After you've paid back the amount of the loan and interest, you will officially own the vehicle!


Even while you're paying off the car, you will essentially have ownership of it. You can travel as much as you want, service it as often as you like, and have control over everything.


However, you do have to go through a credit check in order to get an automotive loan. Furthermore, loans can be more expensive on a monthly basis depending on how long the life of your lease is and how much the car initially costs.


Leasing: More Financial Flexibility


When you lease a vehicle, the process is a bit different. You don't have to take out a loan. Furthermore, the monthly payments for a lease are often more affordable. This is because the monthly price for a lease is predetermined. Furthermore, because the price is more affordable you can invest in higher-end models that you may not be able to afford if you are pursuing buying them.


While leasing is more affordable, it also comes with mileage parameters and a condition requirements. While this won't be a problem if you're mainly driving in the city, or if you are using your lease for professional purposes, it probably won't be a great match for drivers who often drive long distances.


Ready To Take the Next Step?


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