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Service your Vehicle Today at Stokes Volkswagen 

Service maintenance is one of the key ingredients to keeping your vehicle on the road. From routine oil service to major brake and engine repair, each service ensures your vehicle will last for many miles to come.

Our service team at Stokes Volkswagen takes care of all your vehicle needs. Their years of experience help get your vehicle in and out the door in no time at all. If you have any questions about our services, go ahead and reach out to us. Our service advisors are happy to assist you.

Oil Changes

By far the most standard of services, oil changes provide good engine longevity and performance protection. Depending on the age of your vehicle, the oil service usually occurs between 3,000 to 5,000 miles.

As your engines run, the oil begins to break down and turn into sludge. Once that occurs, the engine will sputter or run sluggishly. During the service, The technician exchanges the old dirty oil in your vehicle with new, clean oil. In addition, the technician also replaces the oil filter. The filter is designed to absorb dirt and other particulates. Once the filter is saturated, it is time for a replacement.

Tire Services

Tire-related services are important to keep your VW vehicle pointed in the right direction. The most common of tire services is tire rotation. As your tires begin to wear down, they may begin to wear unevenly based on the vehicle's alignment. The technician will rotate the tires are your vehicle to ensure they wear evenly.

In addition to the tire rotation, tire patches, and replacement is necessary when your vehicle's tires look long in the tooth. If you run over a small piece of debris, a tire patch repair will seal the hole, and you can continue. If the tire is unrepairable, then a replacement is needed

Brake Repair

When it comes to safety, brake repairs and services are key to keeping you safe in an emergency. Like other major components, brake pads, rotors, and fluid break down over time. One of the major warning signs a squeal or grinding noise when you go to apply the brakes. That is usually a sign that the pads or rotors have worn, reducing braking power.

Our technician will replace the rotors along with brake pads and fluid as a precaution to make sure the vehicle has consistent brake performance over the life cycle of the parts.

North Charleston, SC drivers will have confidence knowing they can bring their vehicle to a stop under any circumstance.

Serious Repairs

There may come a time where your VW may need a more serious repair, including the vehicle's electronics, engine, and cooling. These repairs require a fair amount of diagnosis to get to the root of the problem.

Our service technicians will methodically take their time to discover what is wrong with your vehicle and the steps needed to repair it fully. Once the diagnosis is completed, one of our service advisors will be in touch to walk you through what ails your vehicle. In the end, they'll discuss with you the best option for repair in the future.

Schedule Your Service Appointment Today

Contact our service team to schedule a time in your vehicle for repair and or maintenance. If you prefer to take the VW Service Xpress option, you can come by any time that fits your schedule. Our service center is located in North Charleston, SC.