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We were on a family vacation , a road trip from South Florida to New York. Our Tiguan broke down near Stokes. The repairs were not covered under warranty. We were quite upset and considering ending our trip right there. But things turned around. Instead of repairing the Tiguan we traded it in for a new Passat. You might think that we were in a bad position with respect to purchasing a new car and I guess we were. Imagine you are stuck at a dealership with your whole family. You really do not want to pay a car repair but you must get back on the road asap or your trip will end before it starts. It is not easy to buy a car with absolutely no bargaining power and with your family tugging on you to move fast. Here is what happened. The General Manager ( forgot his name - sorry!) told me that he was going to do the same thing with us that he does with everyone : " make us happy!". And he did. He really treated us as if we were local and gave us a very fair deal. The Finance Manager (Mike) got us the best interest rate we could have ever received. And the salesman sold us the right car. That's important : Tumpie (the salesman) sold us a different car than we drove in with. A Tiguan became a Passat. Silver became Tungsten. A gas guzzler became a 1.8T getting 34 miles/gallon. And we drove away with a car that left us with no regrets. We like the car and we like the deal we got. Would we call Stokes again - yes. And by the way we still live in Boca Raton, Florida. But when a small dealership treats you like family and sends you back on your way to a family vacation that ended up really GREAT!, you consider calling them again, even if it means they will have to ship us the next car! The price , the interest rate.... these things are important and Stokes is as good as anyone on those things. But the critical reason that I recommend Stokes to you: they did not take advantage of our situation and they helped us buy a car that we are actually happy with. We really feel that Tumpie guided us to the right car. And that the guys handling the money were extremely fair with us. We are a happy customer and more so, we really appreciate everyone we dealt with at Stokes VW. From the receptionist to the guy who shined the car for us prior to departure; it almost makes us want to move to South Carolina to enjoy that hospitality in our daily lives. I guess what I'm saying is; you can trust the people at Stokes. And that is not easy for me to say when speaking about car dealerships! VW is a nice car that is always fun to drive ( I have had many!). But it's the dealership that makes the difference. How they treat you defines your experience. All cars come with warranties , bluetooth, improved gas efficiency. But not all dealerships are equal. Stokes is a very good one that I would revisit for sure. Thanks again to all of you who got us back on the road, in a better car, without buyers remorse (for a change!). Really appreciated !!!!! You turned an unhappy VW customer into a happy one. Feel free to send this to VW or they can contact us to discuss further. It will be our pleasure to let the VW corporate office know about you guys. They are lucky to have you!!!


Volkswagen Dealership in North Charleston, SC

When you are in search of a VW dealer in North Charleston, look no further because the sales, service, and finance teams at Stokes Volkswagen are here to stay. The selection of new VW models as well as pre-owned cars, trucks, and SUVs all varying by make and model seem to be nearly endless. To say the least, you have options, and we are here to help you narrow down the selection to find the perfect vehicle that will to make your life flow smoothly. Put the fun back in purchasing a new vehicle, and don’t worry about being frustrated or overwhelmed, because it is our goal to make you happy. In addition to a full selection of vehicles for sale, we also would like to direct your attention to our top-rate service team, some of finest automotive specialists in the area. And when it comes to any questions about loans, our finance team has the solutions.

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No Appointment Needed! For All Basic Maintenance

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